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Company Profile

Durga Engineers is a complete provider of hose and pipe assemblies to be assembled in earth movers, automotive, agricultural, and commercial vehicles and equipment. With in-depth knowledge of this field, Mr. Praful Gupta and the team he leads; bring to the market standard to complex pipe assemblies. At production plant in Faridabad, Haryana (India), considerable investments are done by the proprietor in the hiring of qualified staff and advanced technology. This allows the company to quickly respond to clients requirements.

Our Products

The ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company has all the resources to meet the hose and pipe assemblies requirement of clients, from all over the world. The company manufactures, supplies and exports following products:

  • FLOW Radiator Hose Inlet

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Scorpio FLR320

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Mahindra Xylo D2/ E2 / E4 FLR409

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Ford Figo FLR523

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Chevrolet Beat FLR741

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Chevrolet Aveo FLR356.11

    • Radiator Hose Inlet ZX HONDA CITY FLR353

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Fiat Linea / Punto FLR931

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Toyota Innova FLR215

    • Radiator Hose Inlet HYUNDAI I10 FLR182

    • Radiator Hose Inlet Hyundai Santro FLR169

  • Flow Radiator Hose Outlet

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Scorpio FLR321

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Ford Fiesta FLR375

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Mahindra Xylo Flr410

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Tata Indica/ Indica V2/ Vista FLR269.4

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Chevrolet Beat FLR742

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Chevrolet Aveo FLR356.12

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Honda City FLR354

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Innova FLR214

    • Radiator Hose Outlet HYUNDAI I10 FLR183

    • Radiator Hose Outlet Santro FLR167

    • Radiator Hose Outlet EV2 FLR269.6

  • Flow Power Steering Hoses

    • Power Steering Pipe High & Low Pressure INDICAV2/VISTA/FLR295

    • Power Steering Pipe High Pressure INNOVA FLR215.3

    • Power Steering Pipe MARSHALL / BOLERO / FLR391.3

    • Power Steering Pipe SKODA OCTAVIA FLR625

    • Power Steering Pipe Scorpio/Bolero Turbo FLR 341.1

    • Power Steering Pipe High & Low Pressure Indica V2 (FLR 295)

    • Power Steering Return Pipe ACCTENT FLR194.3

    • Power Steering Pipe VERNA FLR209.1

    • Power Steering Pipe INDICA/ INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV2 /FLR295.2

    • Power Steering Pipe INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV2 / INDIGO FLR295.3

    • Power Steering Pipe INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV2 / INDIGO FLR295.4

    • Power Steering Pipe TATA ACE / MAGIC / SUPER / IRIS FLR351.3

    • Power Steering Pipe SCORPIO FLR334.2

    • Power Steering Pipe SCORPIO FLR334.3

    • Power Steering Pipe SCORPIO FLR336.1

    • Power Steering Pressure Pipe XYLO D2/ E2 / E4 / E6 /FLR410.1

    • Power Steering Pipe High Pressure XUV 500 FLR836

  • Flow Brake Hose

    • Brake Hose Rear TOYOTA INNOVA FLR215.8

    • Brake Hose Front HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR174

    • Brake Hose Front HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR175

    • Brake Hose Rear HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR176

    • Brake Hose Rear HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR177

    • Brake Hose Front HYUNDAI ACCENT FLR195

    • Brake Hose Rear Hyundai Accent Flr197

    • Brake Hose Rear FIAT LINEA / PUNTO FLR938

    • Brake Hose Front Indica Flr279

    • Brake Hose Rear Indica FLR280

    • Brake Hose Front Indigo FLR280.1

    • Brake Hose Front CHEVROLET TAVERA FLR265

    • Brake Hose Rear Chevrolet Tavera Flr265.1

    • Brake Hose Assembly SKODA OCTAVIA FLR616

    • Brake Hose Assembly SKODA OCTAVIA FLR624

    • Brake Hose SKODA FABIA FLR615

  • Radiator Hoses Products

    • Radiator Hose Set ZX HONDA CITY FLR353S

    • Radiator Hose Chevrolet Beat FLR741s

    • Radiator Hose Set BEAT FLR346S

    • Radiator Hose Set CRUZE FLR641S

    • Radiator Hose Set NANO FLR511S

    • Radiator Hose Set FORD FIESTA FLR376

    • Radiator Hose Set IRIS FLR311.4S

    • Radiator Hose Set SUPER FLR311.8S

    • Radiator Hose Set VISTA TDI FLR269.1S

    • Radiator Hose Set Bolero/Maxx FLR339S

    • Radiator Hose Set Bolero O/m FLR340.1S

    • Radiator Hose Set LOGAN FLR501S

  • Flow Silicone Hose

    • Oil Coler Hose Volkswagen Polo/Vento FLR619

    • Oil Cooler Hose Volkswagen Polo/vento/Skoda Laura FLR620

    • Intercooler Hoses

    • Oil Cooler Hose VOLKSWAGEN POLO FLR618

    • Intercooler Hose Outlet Bottom Big Scorpio FLR324

    • Intercooler Hose Outlet Top Small Scorpio FLR325

    • Oil Cooler Hose Ford fiesta FLR386

    • Turbo Charger Hose TATA INDICA/ INDICA V2/ VISTA FLR 994

    • Turbo Charger Hose CHEVROLET TAVERA FLR264.1

    • Turbo Charger Hose CHEVROLET TAVERA FLR264.2

    • Inter Cooler Hose Outlet No. 1 RITZ FLR151.7

    • Inter Cooler Hose Inlet No. 1 SWIFT/ DZIRE FLR137.5

    • Inter Cooler Hose SWIFT/ DZIRE FLR137.7

    • Inter Cooler Hose SWIFT/ DZIRE FLR137.7

  • Flow PTFE Pipe Assemblies

    • Oil Turbo Pipe VERNA FLR897

    • Alternator Pipe INDICA V2/VISTA/eV2/INDIGO FLR287

    • Alterator Pipe TATA ACE / MAGIC / SUPER / IRIS FLR1009

    • Alternator Pipe Thin SCORPIO FLR331

    • Alternator Pipe SCORPIO FLR330.2

  • New Items

    • Diesel Line Set Tata Ace FLR350

    • Diesel Line Set Tata Magic FLR351

    • Inter Cooler Hose Inlet No. 2 RITZ FLR151.8

    • Power Steering Pipe SCORPIO FLR336.2

    • Radiator Hose Set DOST FLR531S

    • Radiator Hose Set VISTA FLR269.3S

  • Nylon Fuel Pipes

    • Fuel Pipe JCB

    • Fuel Pipe (Filter to Main) F Type for Accent FLR 199.4

    • Fuel Filter Pipe for Santro Xing FLR 179.1

    • Fuel Pipe Big For Eon FLR 635

    • Fuel Pipe Small for EON FLR636

    • Fuel Filter Pipe Santro FLR868

    • Fuel Pipe Front Accent FLR199

    • Fuel Pipe Accent FLR886

    • Fuel Injector Pipe Verna FLR893

    • Fuel Filter Pipe Corolla FLR915

    • Fuel Filter Pipe Small Spark FLR982

    • Diesel Pipe Safari FLR1059

    • Diesel Pipe Safari FLR1058

    • Clutch Pipe Scorpio FLR332.1

    • Diesel Pipe Scorpio FLR842

    • Diesel Maxximo FLR343.2

    • Diesel Maxximo FLR344

    • Diesel Maxximo FLR345

    • Diesel Filter Pipe Logan & Verito FLR707

    • Diesel Pipe Small Logan / Verito/Duster Flr708

    • Fuel Pipe Volkswagen Polo FLR1081

    • Fuel Pipe (Straight)VOLKSWAGEN POLO FLR1082

    • Diesel Filter Pipe Medium Duster Flr706

    • Diesel Line Set Tata Ace Iris FLR351.1

    • Coolant Pipe Ford Fiesta FLR387

  • Flow Air Cleaner Hose

    • Air Cleaner Hose Upper ZEN FLR099.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose ALTO/ WAGONR/ ZEN ESTILO FLR114.3

    • Air Cleaner Hose ALTO K10 / ESTILO K10 FLR114.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose WAGONR /K SERIES FLR114.2

    • Air Cleaner Hose ALTO800 FLR124.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose ALTO800 FLR124.2

    • Air Cleaner Hose A STAR FLR149.7

    • Air Cleaner Hose A STAR FLR149.8

    • Air Cleaner Hose VERSA/ ECCO FLR158

    • Air Cleaner Hose SANTRO FLR173.5

    • Air Cleaner Hose Big HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR173.6

    • Air Cleaner Hose Small HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR173.7

    • Air Cleaner Hose ACCENT FLR193.3

    • Air Cleaner Hose VERNA FLR205.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose No. 1 TOYOTA INNOVA FLR215.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose COROLLA FLR913

    • Connecting Hose Duct to Turbo Charger TAVERA FLR248

    • Air Cleaner Hose TAVERA FLR249

    • Air Cleaner Hose SPARK FLR356.4

    • Air Cleaner Hose AVEO FLR771

    • Air Cleaner Hose OPTRA / MAGNUM FLR777

    • Air Cleaner Hose INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV2 / INDIGO FLR275.6

    • Air Cleaner Hose with Pin INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV FLR275.7

    • Air Cleaner Hose with 02 Pin INDICA V2/ VISTA / eV2 FLR995

    • Air Cleaner Hose with Socket FORD FIESTA FLR376.1

    • Air Cleaner Hose MAXXIMO FLR342.3

  • Flow Leak Off Pipes

    • Leak Off Rail Assembly JCB

    • Over Flow Pipe Set Tata Indica/ Indica V2 FLR292

    • Over Flow (Leak off) Pipe Logan/Verito FLR502

    • Over Flow (Leak off) Pipe POLO TDI FLR617

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe Skoda Octavia FLR623

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe Mahindra Scorpio FLR338.1

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe Mahindra Scorpio FLR338.2

    • Over Flow Pipe with Valve Maxximo FLR343.1

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe Swift / Swift Dzire FLR147.2

    • Over Flow (Leak Off) Pipe FORD FIESTA FLR387.2

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe with Valve Ford Endeavour FLR659

    • Over Flow(leak Off) Pipe Tata Safari FLR1062

    • Over Flow Pipe Indigo Flr998

    • Over Flow Pipe Chevrolet Beat FLR746

    • Over Flow (Leak Off) Pipe CHEVROLET TAVERA FLR262.1

    • Over Flow (Leak Off) Pipe HYUNDAI VERNA FLR896

    • Over Flow (leak Off) Pipe Accent FLR199.3

  • Flow Heater Hose Inlet

    • Heater Hose Inlet Alto FLR115

    • Heater Hose Inlet Wagon R/ Zen Estilo FLR120

    • Heater Hose Inlet WAGON R/ ZEN ESTILO FLR121

  • Flow Heater Hose Outlet

    • Heater Hose Outlet ALTO FLR116

  • Flow Fuel Pipes

    • Fuel Pipe High Pressure HYUNDAI I10/VERNA FLR190

    • Fuel Pipe HYUNDAI SANTRO FLR179

    • Fuel Pipe High Pressure HYUNDAI ACCENT FLR198

    • Alterator Pipe SUMO DX FLR312.1

    • Diesel Pipe IRIS FLR1003

    • Diesel Pipe Assly IRIS FLR1004

    • Oil Return Pipe SUPER FLR1005

    • Diesel Pipe Assly SUPER FLR1006

    • Fuel Pipe IRIS / ZIP FLR1010

    • Diesel Pipe Bolero Slx/Glx FLR391.1

    • Diesel Pipe Bolero Slx/Glx FLR391.2

    • Fuel Line( Fuel Fillter To Fip) Indigo Flr294

    • Fuel Line (Fuel Filter to FIP) Indica FLR281

    • Fuel Hose 800cc FLR019

    • Fuel Hose Van FLR040

    • Fuel Hose 800cc MPFI FLR020

    • Fuel Hose VAN MPFI FLR042

    • Fuel Return Hose 800cc FLR016

    • Vacuum Hose 800cc FLR021

    • Alternator Pipe Indica O/m FLR286

    • Diesel Pipe 14mm x 16mm Marshall FLR388

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